It is so important to look after ourselves physically and mentally, particularly given the current climate. These gift sets are an ideal gift for someone who may be going through a tough time to let them know you're thinking of them. There are two boxes, one aimed at females and one aimed at males.  The female box contains a bath bomb and a face mask, a burner and melts for some relaxation and pampering, a stress ball, tea and coffee as a cuppa makes everyhting ok right? Chocolate for your cuppa, sweets just because and a note pad and pen to maybe record things to do, feelings, affirmations..what ever you like. The male box has more masculine melts with a burner, coffee and tea with some chocolate, a massager to relax with, a puzzle or fiddle gadget to pre-occupy the mind,sweets, body wash for self-care and finally a note-pad and pen to encourage noting of thoughts, feelings things to do. Boxes also come with a motivational quote, and contact numbers for mental health support. 

Self-care gift box